Viet Fit – Quality sports equipment

Viet Fit is a brand specialized in providing outdoor sports equipment of  067 company. Experienced and highly qualified teams design our products.

We are proud to be a leading supplier in the field of outdoor fitness equipment for public and private parks, outdoor gyms, sports facilities, schools and hospitals. Viet Fit has provided many projects and installed them in fitness centres in major cities in Southeast Asia as an industry leader.

So what makes our device so unique?

  • Great design

Functionality must go hand in hand with good design. It will always inspire people to practice every day.

  • Safety – High quality according to International Standards

We always strive to bring the best, safe, and quality products to our customers with dedication and responsibility.

  • Diverse and many exercise functions

We research the best exercises and solutions in each product to increase the effectiveness of exercise equipment.

At Viet Fit, we believe in striving to achieve impossible goals. We believe that helping people move more physically is to contribute to a future generation that is healthy, active and full of life.

Time to get moving again! Join Viet Fit to train your body to become healthier and stronger than ever. Using our fitness equipment is very safe and varied many exercises. Viet Fit will bring excitement even when you practice outdoors.

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  • 38 Ven Ho Ha Dinh street, Ha Dinh ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City
  • Tel: 0868 77 3737 – 0765 067 067 – 0778 067 067
  • Tel: +84 24 66 73 3777 – +84 24 66 73 9777