067 Company is the leading design consultant, supply and installation of amusement playground equipment, landscape architecture in Southeast Asia. Our headquarters is in Hanoi, and there is one branch in France.

In the cooperation and implementation of projects in Southeast Asian countries and some European countries, 067 Company has become a reliable partner in this field.

Customers have seen our enthusiasm and our dreams, which is our belief to bring A better way to play for children worldwide.

Our products and services include the overall solution of children’s playground, indoor and outdoor playground equipment, indoor and outdoor sports equipment, park equipment, school equipment, and other series.

067 is constantly innovating and learning to bring high-quality products and the most diverse designs to the market. Not only that, but we also have deep experience with many customers, large investors with high-value projects up to tens of billion dong.

067 Company continually strives to bring the friendliest and safest environment, where children can rest assured and have fun while using 067’s devices.

Our Mission

To bring the skills for anyone, anywhere, create time and space for children to play.

Our Vission

To be number one design consultant, supply and install amusement playground equipment, landscape architecture in Southeast Asia by 2025. We bring safely and consistently delivering quality and innovative projects and services.

Our Value



067 upholds the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.


To meet all customer requirements, 067 working together and overcoming all difficulties.


067 provides outstanding products and services to bring the best value to customers.


067 is not afraid of challenges, constantly learning, and maintains stability with high intensity.


067 committed in heart and mind.

Contact Us


  • 38 Ven Ho Ha Dinh street, Ha Dinh ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City
  • Tel: 0868 77 3737 – 0765 067 067 – 0778 067 067
  • Tel: +84 24 66 73 3777 – +84 24 66 73 9777