067 company accompanies customers to overcome the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear Our Partners and Customers!

First of all, 067 company would like to send our partners respectful greetings, best wishes for health and wish you and your sister more and more success in all areas of life.

We want to notify our partners in the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic and no signs of abating. 067 company is still constantly monitoring, complying with timely implementation of measures. response, disease prevention measures as recommended by the Ministry of Health to ensure the safety of officers and employees (employees) and partners

As part of our risk management, We are still working closely with our suppliers to ensure no shortage of raw materials and components from the supply chain. At this time, We can commit always to provide sufficient supplies, keep the excellent quality, not increase the selling price and solve problems from our partners.

As we know, the Pandemic is taking its toll in many countries, and its consequences will significantly impact the entire global economy. We expect all payments to be adjusted on time (as 067 ensures orders are delivered on time as agreed). For the benefit of the company and all parties involved, please note that orders will be suspended in production and will not be dispatched in the event of any delay in payment.

Thank you very much for your cooperation with us in the past time. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will notify you of any changes.

Best regards!

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