Recruitment QS Construction Officer on Contractor’s Side / Project Management Secretary

Recruitment QS Construction Officer on Contractor’s Side / Project Management Secretary

067 Company is a leading consultant in designing, supplying, and installing children’s playground equipment and landscape architecture in Southeast Asia. To expand its development scale, Company 067 needs to recruit the position of Construction QS Officer on the Contractor’s Side / Project Management Secretary.

Job description:

– Item of works to be implemented: Design consultancy and construction of amusement parks/sports fields.

– Manage unit prices and total values ​​related to the estimates of assigned works and projects.

– Implementation of bidding documents, competitive quotation, calculation, and dissection of the volume of bidding documents.

– Prepare legal documents, quality documents, payment, and settlement documents for assigned projects.

– Manage and update bids, company profiles, catalogs.

– Drafting official documents, storing scientific records, drafting, reviewing, negotiating contracts.

– Track projects that have been and are being quoted and update the status of the projects they manage on Google Sheet.

– Coordinating with the Site Supervisor in solving customer inquiries and arising problems in the project.

– Participating in project coordination; project work promotion; Manage project-related work.

– Weekly meeting, urging and reminding the Supervision Department to ensure that the acceptance work is on schedule according to the contract.

Monitoring and making reports on the project’s overall construction plan and progress on payment, settlement of work documents. Update to Google Sheets.

– Monitor the warranty of the projects. Update to google sheets.

– Material sample management.

– Updating the company’s projects on social networking sites Facebook, Zalo.

– Receive customer information, approach to exchange, consult, answer customer’s questions.

– Monitor and urge the debt of the monitoring projects.

– Support relevant departments when needed to complete the work within the project is monitored.

– Other tasks as directed by superiors.

Job Requirements:

– Education: Graduated from University majoring in Engineering, Construction, Construction Economics.

– Acting agile, substantial, decisive, dare to take responsibility for their decisions at work.

– Good job under pressure.

– Able to travel to the province when needed.

– Computer skills: Proficient in MS Word, Excel, …

– Having three years of experience in calculating volumes, making quotations, bidding documents, working with investors / main contractors.

– Gender, age: Male, Female, from 23 years old, good health.


– 13th-month salary, bonus on holidays.

– Holidays / Leaves as prescribed.

– It will negotiate net salary directly during the interview.

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